Friday, April 28, 2017

Buff Orpingtons and Jumbo Pekins

I am very pleased and thoroughly excited to introduce you to our new members of the family: 3 Buff Orpington chicks (hatched 4/20) and 3 Jumbo Pekin ducklings (hatched 4/25)!

Three little Buff Orpington chicks

Three darling Jumbo Pekin ducklings

For their setup, we used a storage tub, the bottom of a dog crate, plastic plates, a paint tray, and cabinet liners (that we already had lying around the house).  We bought pine pellets for their bedding (not only does this absorb moisture like a champ, but it kept our living room smelling beautifully instead of like a farmhouse), and of course waterers and feeders.

We then set up an animal playpen around their area to keep the curious cat away from them, lined the playpen with blankets to keep their area from getting drafty, and then plugged in our small space heater to keep the babies warm. (check out The Chicken Chick's Chick Care which includes safe temperatures).

Now as cute and fluffy as they are, their personalities are as different as cats and dogs.  Literally.  The chicks are more like dogs while the ducklings are basically cats.  Chicks love to be held and just enjoy being with you.

Cuddle time with the chickies while watching Saturday morning cartoons.  The chick being held by my oldest (at the bottom of the page) is even taking a nap.

While ducklings... well, they don't want anything to do with you until they're positive that you don't want them (which never happens here hah).  Regardless, the tiny little things are precious and we love them to pieces, just like we love our cat.  We have held them just as much (if not more) than the chicks to try to get them used to us, but I am suspecting that they have already imprinted on each other which is going to make bonding with them more difficult.

This is our first step to starting the little animal department of our homestead.  I'm very excited about this adventure, and will keep you updated along the way!  I'm also thrilled that my children will have this special experience and hope they remember this part of their childhood fondly.